We install and erect all types of fencing!

With affordability and security in mind, razor wire, ribbon wire, diamond mesh and razor coil fencing can increase the security presently offered by your perimeter fences.

We specialize in the fabrication and installation of warehouse fencing and bond stores. Whether your need is receiving cages, dispatch cages, stores or just barriers we could assist. We build cages up to any height you might require. If your requirement is that you need a mesh roofing on your cage we would be able to accommodate you. We also fix mesh to your existing shelving and racking if that is required.

We supply and install all types of fencing. For added security and peace of mind the following fencing can be used on existing fences or as standalone security measures:

• Razor mesh fencing
• Field Fence
• Game fence
• Diamond Mesh Fencing
• Weld Mesh Fence
• Internal fence/Warehouse fencing/Bond stores
• Razor Coil Fencing
• Border Fence
• Shade-cloth fences
• See thru fence
• Site fencing
• Stock Fence
• Tennis Court Fencing
• Electric fencing-Free standing/piki-back/wall top
• We also supply and install gate motors.